Companies that Provide Us with Reclaimed Wood

At Plowcraft we believe in creating beautiful handcrafted pieces for our little furry friends. We also believe in taking care of mother nature as we do create these homes for the birds. That is exactly we have been working with many companies in our local area to use reclaimed wood to manufacture the little birdhouses.

We would like to take the time and thank every single company that allows us to use their reclaimed wood to manufacture our birdhouses. Below you can find all of the companies we work with to create homes for our furry friends.

#1: The Fence Authority

The Fence Authority is a local fencing company in West Chester, PA that has provided people’s homes with quality fences since 1996. They manufacture and install fences all across Chester County, Montgomery County, Deleware County, PA, and also the entire state of Deleware.

We want to thank The Fence Authority for providing us with their unused wood pieces and for allowing us to provide quality-made birdhouses for many people across the country.

#2: Smucker Fencing

Smucker Fencing is a local fencing company located in Honey Brook, PA, and a top fencing company in Lancaster and Chester County. Smucker Fencing is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 2006 serving its clients with quality-made industry fencing.

We want to thank Smucker Fencing for providing us with their unused wood. We think it is great that companies like Smucker Fencing support small shops like ours here in Lancaster County and allow us to build quality-made birdhouses from reclaimed wood.

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