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Bluebird Houses

Looking to attract a lovely Bluebird to your backyard? If so, we have the birdhouses to do so. If you want to do something that's good for bluebirds and have beautiful, cheerful singing at your place. Explore our selection of Bluebird Houses below and find your favorite. The BlueBird houses are made of reclaimed wood with the rough side of the wood facing out so it more closely attracts bluebirds as a natural nesting site.

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  • Outhouse Birdhouse 2-PLWCRFT-BH8
    Ships in 15


  • bluebird house 2-PLWCRFT-SR35
    Ships in 15


  • Wizard Birdhouse 2-PLWCRFT-BH15
    Ships in 15


  • Raccoon Birdhouse 2-PLWCRFT-BH16
    Ships in 15


  • Moose Birdhouse 2-PLWCRFT-BH7
    Ships in 15



Looking to attract a different species? No problem, explore our full species list and choose the species you want to attract.

How to Clean A BlueBird House?

A birdhouse should be cleaned out of old nesting material made up of dry grass and straw once a year. The perfect time to clean out your birdhouse is in the month of August when all occupants have gone. When it comes to how to clean out a birdhouse is pretty easy and simple. The process may take 10-15 minutes. You have to make sure that you clean all four interior walls, including the inner rooftop section, along with cleaning out the birdhouse entry hole, and drainage holes. It takes 3 steps:

3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Open the hatch carefully

Step #2: Remove the dirt out and wash it

Step #3: Assemble the birdhouse and mount it

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"We searched high and low to find a decent birdhouse for our front garden and we were so happy to find this one. It is PERFECT!!!! I contacted the seller about doing a custom color. The seller’s responses were friendly, helpful, and timely. Once I ordered, my birdhouse was made and delivered in only 4 days. The birdhouse is BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic quality, sturdy, beautiful work. I wish I could upload more than one picture to really show off how beautiful our birdhouse looks in our front garden. I can’t say enough good things about the seller and the product. Working with this seller has been such a wonderful experience, we’re hoping to order more of their work soon. Thank you so much for all your help and the beautiful birdhouse!"

BlueBird House

Make Your Backyard Feel More Lively

Your outdoor space can become a bluebirds new favorite home. With a new birdhouse, you can decorate your backyard and make it appear more alive with lovely bluebirds roaming the area.

Imagine the look of your backyard with bluebirds flying around singing their beautiful tunes. Browse our selection of bluebird houses and find the perfect it for your backyard and begin attracting wonderful furry friends.

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