Martin Mansion Birdhouse


This beautifully designed Mansion Birdhouse is handcrafted in the USA using the finest materials. The spacious living area in this Mansion Birdhouse can accommodate multiple families of Purple Martins. The compartments are crafted to meet the needs of your feathered friends, offering ample space to raise their young ones. ‘

This birdhouse features a removable roof to ensure easy cleaning, making maintenance convenient. The exceptional craftsmanship and beautiful design of this Martin Birdhouse make it a great addition to any garden or backyard.

Give your yard a new look with this birdhouse mansion, designed for purple martins. This Martin birdhouse will make the perfect home for your new flying friends. The size and power of the birdhouse mansion will allow for multiple tenants, while also giving you the opportunity to see nature right outside your home.

Made with durable pine lumber, this cottage birdhouse has 2” holes which are ideal for purple martins.

It also has a post-mount on the bottom made to set on a 4”x 4” post. The roof lifts off for the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance.

Purple Martins eat a multitude of insects and nest in colonies. They depend on manmade housing and will nest in birdhouses with several rooms. To attract Martins, place the Martin birdhouse mansion in an open area, near water and 15-25 feet above the ground.

Specs & Features

Here are the key specifications and features that each of our  birdhouse mansions comes with:

  • Birdhouse mansion design for multiple purple Martins
  • 6 room birdhouse
  • 2” holes
  • Designed to be set on a 4”x 4” post
  • Made with durable pine lumber
  • 2 color choices

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Custom Birdhouse Mansion

Quality Birdhouses Made From Reclaimed Wood

All of our homemade bird feeders and birdhouses are made in-house in our small craft shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Most of our birdhouses are made from reclaimed wood from local suppliers which are then crafted into beautiful tiny nesting homes for birds.

Getting your new birdhouse from Plowcraft not only supports a small local business in Lancaster County, PA but you are also assured of the quality of the bird home.

Explore our full selection of birdhouses below or shop birdhouses by species and attract your favorite birds like Purple Martins, Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers, Titmice, Wrens, and more.

Little About Us

For many years the old barn withstood the test of time. Generations had worked and played in its shelter, but all those years of wind and weather had taken their toll. The siding was cracked and weathered, and the roof had sprung more than a few leaks.

Finally, the decision was made to replace it, but what to do with all the old lumber and tin? The old fence definitely needed to be replaced and a few of the outbuildings needed new roofs. Surely all these old boards and roofing needn’t to go the local landfill!

Or how about the material that a company that replaces old privacy fences and decks takes apart; is that all going to end up in the dumpster?

In 1999, a young craftsman was building small furniture and other crafts in his spare time when he asked a neighbor if he could use the lumber from a shed he had just torn down. Using those reclaimed boards, he created the first few styles of what would become a full product line of birdhouses, planters, benches, and more, all made with reclaimed wood.

Today, Summitville Woodworking provides a drop-off site for fence and decking companies, as well as individuals in the community to take their unwanted rustic tin and lumber.


Then their crew of workers and sub-workers crafts unique, quality, and handmade items to brighten up your backyard and attract and feed the birds while decorating your front porch or deck.

Since these items are made from reclaimed materials, each individual piece is unique. Expect slight variations!




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