Musical Zenith Series Wind Chimes


Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of tones that will uplift and soothe your soul. This mesmerizing Musical Wind Chime is handcrafted with precision and designed to create captivating melodies. Our Musical Wind Chimes feature a meticulously crafted design, incorporating a harmonious arrangement of precision-tuned metal tubes. Each tube is carefully selected and cut to a specific length to produce a distinct note when the wind passes through them. The result is a mesmerizing melodic composition that delights the ears and creates a captivating outdoor ambiance.

Crafted from quality materials, these musical wind chimes are durable, can withstand elements, and offer long-lasting enjoyment. The metal tubes are precisely tuned, producing a clear and resonant sound that enchants even with the gentlest breeze.

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Featuring unique square tubes, these contemporary style chimes create soft melodious tunes. Now with black poly tops and strikers. These chimes are made with a mocha detailed finish and 1 1/2″ square chimes.


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