Introducing our Owl Birdhouse, meticulously crafted from premium rougher head pine. Designed to create a welcoming sanctuary for your feathered friends, this owl birdhouse combines durability, functionality, and natural beauty in one delightful package.

Handcrafted with the utmost care, our Owl Birdhouse features a charming rustic design that perfectly complements any garden or outdoor environment. Each birdhouse is made from the finest Rougher Head Pine, known for its weather-resistant qualities and durability, ensuring that your feathered visitors are safe and secure in their new dwelling.

The cleverly designed entryway mimics the natural hollows found in trees, making it a highly attractive dwelling for birds seeking a cozy habitat. The dimensions also allow for easy maintenance and cleaning, ensuring a long-lasting and hygienic living environment for your feathered friends.

The sturdy construction of our Owl Birdhouse is built to withstand the elements and provide a reliable home for years to come. The Rougher Head Pine used in its creation not only offers exceptional strength but also adds an elegant touch to any garden or outdoor area.

The natural wood grain patterns and charming imperfections of the pine enhance the birdhouse’s rustic appeal, making it a beautiful focal point and conversation starter.

Attach your Owl Birdhouse to trees, posts, or other suitable structures, ensuring a secure and stable placement. Whether you hang it in your backyard, garden, or forested area, this birdhouse is sure to attract birds and bring the joy of wildlife observation right to your doorstep.

In addition to providing a cozy nesting spot for birds, this birdhouse also contributes to the conservation of these magnificent creatures. By offering a safe haven, you actively support their survival and help maintain the delicate ecological balance of your surroundings.

Bring the captivating presence of birds into your outdoor space with our exquisite Owl Birdhouse made from Rougher Head Pine. Get this exceptional piece of craftsmanship and indulge in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of nature. Order now and create a haven that not only adds charm to your surroundings but also promotes the well-being of these majestic birds.

Assembled Product Dimensions: Length: 9.5 in x Width: 12 in x Height: 12 in, Weight: 8 lb

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Little About Us

For many years the old barn withstood the test of time, generations had worked and played in its shelter, but all those years of wind and weather had taken their toll. The siding was cracked and weathered, and the roof had sprung more than a few leaks. Finally, the decision was made to replace it but what to do with all the old lumber and tin?

The old fence definitely needs to be replaced and a few of the outbuildings need new roofs. Surely all these old boards and roofing needn’t to go the local landfill! Or how about the company that replaces old privacy fences and decks, is all that material going to end up in the dumpster?

In 1999, a young craftsman was building small furniture and other crafts in his spare time when he asked a neighbor if he could use the lumber from a shed he had just torn down. Using those reclaimed boards, he created the first few styles of what would become a full product line of birdhouses, planters, benches, and more, all made with reclaimed wood.

Today, Summitville Woodworking provides a drop-off site for fence and decking companies, as well as individuals in the community to take their unwanted rustic tin and lumber. Then their crew of workers and sub-workers craft unique, quality, and handmade items to brighten up your backyard, attract and feed the birds and decorate your front porch or deck.

Since these items are made from reclaimed materials, each individual piece is unique. Expect slight variations!



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